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Self-Reg Challenge

7 Day Challenge

Dip your toes into Self-Reg with Dr. Stuart Shanker through this unique mini-course challenge offering. This challenge is a great addition to any of our Face-to-Face (or virtual) workshops and presentations to tackle some Self-Reg basics, but also a fantastic stand-alone offering for those who are new to Self-Reg.

Over the 7 days you will explore stressors across the 5 domains (biological, emotion, cognitive, social and prosocial) and learn the 5 Steps of Shanker Self-Reg®. Access a daily Self-Reg video with Dr. Stuart Shanker and options to explore, practice and test your own Self-Reg. What does the challenge include?

Daily Self-Reg video from Dr. Stuart Shanker
  • Day 1: What is Self-Reg?
  • Day 2: Reframe the Behaviour
  • Day 3: Recognize the Stressors
  • Day 4: Reduce the Stress Load
  • Day 5: Reflecting and Developing Stress Awareness
  • Day 6: Respond - Develop Strategies for Restoration
  • Day 7: Going Forward

Daily choice of options for exploring your personal Self-Reg
Daily choice of Self-Reg actions for putting what you learn into practice

Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes a day for your Self-Reg Challenge time and if you miss a day, just pick up with it the next day – that’s the Self-Reg way!

Why this Challenge? Why Now?

  • 7 Days of Self-Reg Learning
  • a
  • a
  • a
  • Certificate

Why? Why Now? 

Self-Reg parenting starts with relationships. Dr. Stuart Shanker says “The foundation of self-regulation is the feeling of calmness and safety that children experience with their parents.” This course shows you why and how to begin your Self-Reg parenting journey.

What will I learn?

Explore the 5 Steps of Shanker Self-Reg (Reframe, Recognize, Reduce, Reflect & Restore) as well as the 5 Domains of stressors (Biological, Emotion, Cognitive, Social & Prosocial) in action in a parenting context. 
Meet the instructor

Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones shows aspiring photographers simple, practical steps for improving their photos. Jim has written many popular articles for dPS and specialises in teaching photography. You can learn more about Jim at his personal website (patrickphotography.com).
Patrick Jones - Course author