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The Anger Epidemic

SRG Monthly Webinar Series

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Join Dr. Shanker as he explores the troubling rise in anger in our society and shows how Self-Reg can help us understand the anger epidemic and how to respond to it.
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Part of the 2022 Monthly Webinar Series

The world is awash in anger these days. In all societies, we see people acting and reacting with levels of anger that often seem uncalled for - anger that fuels conflict, enmity, and a heightened sense of threat in all of us. What has unleashed this dark force? What feeds it? How can it be tamed? Join Dr. Shanker as he explores this troubling trend and shows how Self-Reg can help us understand the anger epidemic and how to respond to it.

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Stuart Shanker

Founder & Visionary, The MEHRIT Centre & Self-Reg Global

Susan Hopkins

Executive Director, The MEHRIT Centre
CEO, Self-Reg Global
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